So you’ve been taking photos, engaging with your community, using all the right hashtags and commenting on all your customer’s amazing content. You spend hours a day… and that’s just on Instagram. You have a business to run right? I get it.

Now you have a decision to make – continue to run your social media and figure it out (which you will with enough frequency), or hire it out. I always tell business owners – either you have time or you have money. Those are the only 2 solutions when it comes to marketing. Especially in 2020 when it comes to digital. You can virtually search anything marketing tactic on the planet and someone, somewhere has made a detailed step by step video on how to execute it. If you don’t have the time, you can throw money at it. Now I say “throw” but really I mean carefully invest and be smart with your money. Smart doesn’t mean making slowwww decisions though.

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