Media outreach & event management for live and virtual events

PR & Event Production

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Connect your brand with a targeted audience and gain brand awareness through a live or virtual event production, PR, media outreach & sponsorships.

Corporate Events & Sponsorships

An effective way to connect with your target audience, get media exposure and build brand awareness. Corporate event sponsorship expose your products as well as your your business to the appropriate target demographic.

Connect with your target audiance

We focus on targetting an affluent, influential audience. Working closely with media & blogs to ensure the right brand messaging, creative assets and messaging is used to get your products in front of an audience that is highly targetted and relevant.

Product Placement

Strategically place products within an event or virtually through influencer and media gifting programs.

Product Sampling

Sampling can be the best way to get a your target audience trying your product. Food, alochol and beauty products drive strong results.

Contests & Giveaways

Giveaways are great way to amplify engagement and get people talking about you. Increase social media numbers and build you a targeted list.